Media Investments

  • DG Srl is the absolute top spender on television channels among the vas mobile players operating in Italy. Our brands enjoy very high diffusion and visibility.
  • Regarding on press channel, DG Srl has been one of the higher spenders and concentrate its presence on the pages of most important italian newspaper and magazine.
  • Web advertising is a voice of investment that is growing up sharply in DG Srl scenario, as a reflection of the current market trends.

ADV Creations

Edelfa Chiara Masciotta
Ex Miss Italia
Tv Testimonials of Dg Srl
The advertisement creation is a process implemented by the internal structure. DG Srl directly plans and produces  his ADV (commercials, banners, etc…). Famous people of show business world has been engaged as testimonila for DG Srl‘s brand. DG Srl takes advantage of a proven network of publishers for its digital initiatives and web marketing campaign.

The Studio

DG Srl produces in his studio of Turin most of the digital contents  and all Tv commercials. The most important and successful services has been ideated and produced internally with the support of the internal professional team of graphic designers and video editors.

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