The mission of the company is the distribution of information and entertainment services through electronic and digital channels (fixed and and mobile), through value-added tlc services  (eg. Premium rate number, premium SMS, direct and wap billing), investing in new technologies, focusing on research, testing and evaluation of new products.

DG Srl operates in Italy since 1993 in the field of :

  • editorial and digital services,
  • value added services (mobile and fixed),
  • advertising, press and on lline (web and mobile),

in collaboration with the most important Telecomunication company (Telecom Italia, Vodafone, Tim, Wind, H3G, Poste Mobile).

Dg Srl has recently extended his mission also abroad adopting a strategy of internationalization. In the 2014 Dg Srl founded his fisrt subsidiary in a foreign country (Brasil).

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